The Hollywood Sci Fi Museum

The mission of New Starship Foundation (“the Foundation”) and the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum (“the Museum”) is to inspire people of all ages, races and nationalities with the uplifting vision of the future found in science fiction media, art and literature by teaching Real Science through Science Fiction, including technology, ecology, engineering, computers, robotics, math, space travel and all aspects of filmmaking through fun, interactive exhibits and programs. We are a Nonprofit 501c3 foundation.




Museum Focus
Employment Opportunities
The Museum will utilize the services of not only the Hollywood film industry, but people from all industries, backgrounds and ages.
Focus On Education
The museum will place special emphasis on programs that feature creative and inventive educational activities for students. School tours and student grants will also facilitate greater community involvement. 
Green Renewable Energy Museum
More than 50% of the electricity in the museum could be generated by renewable energy sources.

Highlighted Franchises